UTGL has the experience of providing the practical solutions to each kind of Cargo. Whether it is over-sized or overweight, special care is attended to every customer according to their needs.

UTGL has professionally handled a number of projects, among which are:

  • 2003: transport of metro wagon for the underground metro phase II from Japan with the recognition of Mitsubishi corporation.
  • 2005: transport of steel rails rods from REJICA for the renovation made by the Egyptian National Railway Authority and reaching rate of discharge of 3500 MT/Day which was awarded by the authority.
  • 2006: transport of wagon wheels from the states using containers that was newly added to this type of cargo.
  • 2007: dealing with Orascom company in shipping tamping machines and its joint accessories for constructing new railway lines from Riyadh to Dammam for both cargo and passengers.
  • 2005 – 2020: through this period we delivered and offloaded the cable drums and all electrical equipment supplied by EL SEWEDY Electric to the mega projects in UAE like Burj Khalifa – Metro Dubai – EXPO 2020 and all other different projects in 25 delivery zones around UAE.
  • 2009 signing a contract with Schneider electric for shipping the complete electrical solution to re – build petroleum well in the re – establish Iraq program that consists of huge dimensions equipment counted of 26 x 40’ FR.

Discover what sets UTGL apart by contacting us now to learn about shipping oversized cargo and the various services provided including heavy equipment, oversized machinery, and project freight.  We also provide lift-on lift-off freight service, customs clearance and insurance.